The Painted Ones (About Us)

We are two sisters, the older, saner one & the younger, crazier one. We love art, animals, our family and messing around with different types of media. The saner sister is a qualified Graphic Designer, while the younger, not-so-sane sister likes to play with different decor ideas, crafts & talks…a lot.

Dee – Mother of one very young, rambunctious, dancing, singing future doctor, who loves pink as much as her mommy loves purple. Dee has over 20 years of experience in the work force and over 25 years’ experience in being creative. From her painted artworks & amateur photography to her commercial work as a Graphic designer, Dee has always loved exploring new avenues and new Perspectives.


Priya – Mother of one lazy, super- relaxed four-legged fur-baby, who can still run circles around her crazy mother. Priya has over 15 years of experience in the workforce & over 35 years of experience being certifiably crazy. When she’s not being crazy (& sometimes during “The Crazy”) Priya enjoys experimenting with different crafting ideas & techniques. She knows how to swing a hammer & operate a drill she is however, still learning how to operate a chainsaw…

                          Dee, Priya & Meeya

Love is ... butterfly kisses

About the artwork: All pieces done by Dee is as per the artist’s prerogative, unless the client asks for something else, then it’s their prerogative.

All pieces done by Priya tend to lean towards fantasy & whimsy. She loves working with lace, wood, metal and surprisingly wool or crochet cotton. You never know what can be made with a little bit of imagination and a lot fervour.